ONE | November: Idaho Family and Newborn Photographer

November 1, 2019 Kimberly, ID 83341, USA

The Jack-o-lanterns have been carved!  Jed and Levi carved their very own for the first time (I'm impressed Levi didn't cut off an eyebrow or something) and Mickey Mouse was done free hand by the best dad in the world -- who does not like Halloween by the way, but humors the rest of us anyway.  The boys are so excited!  However, none were more excited than Conrad who, during the entire carving process, would not quit talking.

I hope you all enjoyed a fun and safe and very Happy Halloween!  Wasn't that sunset last night spectacular?


ONE is a monthly blog post in which I post a single personal image from the month before that makes me proud or spoke to my heart.  It's an effort to share a little piece of myself and my life with you!

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