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Children, Families, High School Seniors, Engagements // $175
Newborns, Lifestyle // $175
Weddings // $600 and up

All sessions include a $25 coupon code for professional prints delivered to your doorstep.
Display your very best!  Believe it or not, you CAN have nice prints without breaking the bank.

Details / What to Expect: 

-When you contact me to schedule your session, we will discuss a location, your interests, (I want to get to know you!) and the vision you have in mind for your pictures.  Together, with your ideas and my artistic knowledge, we can rock your session!

-Your fee includes my talent and time at your session (1-3 hours) as well as my talent and time during the editing process.  

-A gallery of edited high resolution images will be displayed in a private online collection approximately 2-3 weeks after your session.  Simply click on the link titled "Client Proofing" located near the top of this website.  Inside this gallery you will be able to:

  • Order professional quality prints at an affordable price delivered straight to your door.  No more waiting in line.  No more worries about cropping off anyone's head or if the colors will be right.  Instead, the photos you display should make you look (and feel) your very best!  Preserve your precious memories in a beautiful, tangible way.
  • Download all of your pictures to your computer, tablet, or phone at no extra cost.  These pictures are sized and sharpened specifically for the web.  They're perfect for emailing to friends and family and sharing across all social media platforms.  Go ahead, share away!  And enjoy all those "likes" and comments on your new profile picture.  (Please Note: These photos are NOT for printing.  They will turn out grainy and gross.  Eeew.) 
    • Want high resolution digital files for Christmas cards or scrap-booking?  You may purchase those files OR when you spend $50 in prints, you can download your entire gallery as original resolution files!  It's the same as receiving a CD.  *(Brides will receive a thumb drive in the mail.)

    -I edit just the very best of your images.  I've learned that a high volume of images is often overwhelming to my clients anyway.  You may expect anywhere from 15-25 images in your gallery.  (Weddings are another story, however!)


    I typically enjoy chasing those elusive childish smiles outdoors in the beautiful evening light, but sometimes the  weather is just too cold!  When that is the case, I can accommodate children in my make-shift studio here in my home.  If you have any prop ideas, I'm all ears!  Sessions are typically one hour long.

    Newborn sessions are typically done during the first two weeks of baby's life.  I usually invite you to my home one morning for a session that can last up to three hours.  I follow the baby's cues and we take lots of breaks for feeding, changing diapers, and cuddling.  I often like to include Mom in some of the pictures as well.

    Lifestyle (New baby 0-3 months old):
    These pictures are done during the day at your home!  They're a new and trendy style that features your whole family in familiar surroundings and baby in his/her own crib.  They very much capture life in the moment!  For an extra fee, I can bring my newborn props and do some posed photos of baby as well.

    We typically meet at an agreed upon outdoor location one evening.  I start with a family portrait before moving on to capturing all the children together and then individually.  We may try another family portrait again.  And finally, I really like to capture the couple together.  And sometimes Mom needs a nice picture of herself all dressed up too!  I may also bring marshmallows as smile bribes for the little ones.  Sessions are typically one hour long.

    High School Seniors/Engagements:
    Teenagers and lovebirds are some of my most favorite to capture because they actually want their picture taken!  We meet at an outdoor location for approximately an hour.  Seniors and couples may have up to three wardrobe changes.  I suggest dressing in layers and bringing lots of accessories (hats, scarves, sweaters) and any props (musical instruments, athletic balls, etc.) that highlight your talents and interests!

    Please call me so that we can discuss your wedding plans, dreams, and expectations!

    Weddings begin at $600 and include three hours of wedding day coverage.  Three hours typically yields 80-100 edited images.  Every hour of coverage thereafter, I charge $200.  I like to keep things super simple.  When you spend just $100 in professional prints (think of a beautiful canvas for your new home together!), I'll mail you a box of beautiful 4x6 prints and a thumb drive loaded with all of your wedding day pictures in full resolution.

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    1. Hey! My husband and I are getting married in the Twin Falls Temple Nov 28th or Jan 2nd. Are you available either of those days? Please send me an email to let me know- Thank you for your time,
      Marley Balls

    2. Hey! My husband and I are getting married in the Twin Falls Temple Nov 28th or Jan 2nd. Are you available either of those days? Please send me an email to let me know- Thank you for your time,
      Marley Balls

    3. The beauty about this place is that it's not just a unique space in itself, but it's a full-service catering space as well, and the food is incredible. We worked / developed a relationship with the Los angeles wedding venues over the course, and nothing is out of reach.


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