ONE | September: Southern Idaho High School Senior Photographer

September 1, 2019 Idaho, USA

Sometimes I like to dabble in astrophotography.  We took on our boys on one last camping adventure before school started.  I am so glad we did because this wound up being one of my all time favorite summer memories.

We let the boys stay up later than usual to give the stars ample time to shine.  My husband Bron and I both knew the star show was going to be good, but I don't think we anticipated just how impressive it was really going to be!  We lucked out with a clear and windless night and a late moon rise.  Camping doesn't get any better than that!  As the fire died down, we walked the boys to the tent in the middle of the grassy area and turned off the flashlights.  We told the boys to look up.  As our eyes adjusted to the darkness, the milky way seemed to glow brighter.  Just the sheer number of stars was incredible!  I think it was the first time Jed and Levi had ever truly witnessed the majesty of the night sky.  They were impressed.  Bron tried pointing out the little dipper and North Star to the boys, but there were just too many stars for them to really follow along.  Wow!

We tucked the boys into bed and then Bron wandered the camp site with me, helping me capture a few long exposure pictures of the night sky.  I forgot my tripod, but no worries.  I used everything from a picnic basket to some rocks to a stick to prop my camera up just right.  Improvising at its finest.


ONE is a monthly blog post in which I post a single personal image from the month before that makes me proud or spoke to my heart. It's an effort to share a little piece of myself and my life with you!

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