ONE | April: Twin Falls Child Photographer

April 1, 2020

As much as I appreciate positive sentiments such as "We've got this!" in texts from friends, I've actually appreciated those times friends have opened up about how HARD this transition to isolation and homeschooling has been more.  It's a breath of fresh air to know that someone else's kid spent hours in front of a screen one day and that she too wants to pull her hair out figuring out all these new online programs and passwords that don't always work and wondering if she is covering all the assigned material with her son.  It really is nice to know that I'm not the only one who does not have it all together all the time... because I actually feel guilty for feeling this way.  I am very fortunate and have been blessed with so much!  This temporary situation should be a walk in the park; no big deal.  But IT IS!  Living one day at a time, not being able to plan for the future is unsettling.  (I mean, I'm birthing a baby into this mess!)  But as my sister reminded me, she's done this before.  This is familiar territory for her as she fought cancer just two short years ago.  It will all be okay, even if our new normal isn't ever quite the same.

So folks, all I'm trying to say is that I love you for your positivity and wisdom, but I also love it when you're messy and human just like me.


ONE is a monthly blog post in which I post a single personal image from the month before that makes me proud or spoke to my heart. It's an effort to share a little piece of myself and my life with you!

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