ONE | July: Magic Valley Newborn and Family Photographer

July 1, 2019

We took our first trip of the season to Nat Soo Pah, a local hot springs pool with a giant water slide, two diving boards, and a couple of hot soak tubs.  The kids kept me hopping that day!  Jed conquered his fear of heights and jumped off the high dive!  Levi practiced swimming in the deep end and even did a swim test for the life guard.  He still needs floaties for safety, but I think he'll be a proficient swimmer my mid-summer; we'll keep practicing.  And Conrad had the time of his life careening down the water slide all by himself.

I brought my new little gopro and dome attachment to the pool.  You guys, I am hooked!  Underwater photography is so much fun!  It's a whole new world of photography.  The perspectives are different, it's colorful, and full of unpredictable splashes.  I can't wait to try it again.


ONE is a monthly blog post in which I post a single personal image from the month before that makes me proud or spoke to my heart. It's an effort to share a little piece of myself and my life with you!

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