ONE | May: Idaho Family Photographer

May 1, 2018 Twin Falls, ID, USA

ONE is a blog circle that I have joined with several other very talented photographers. It began on my personal blog but I am moving it over here to my professional website so that I can share bits and pieces of my life with you. On the first of each month we will be sharing ONE image that spoke to our hearts from the four weeks before. It's bound to be a set of eye candy that you won't want to miss!

Life has been extra busy at our house this past month. We just finished a little house remodel. My husband discovered some DIY skills he didn't know he had by creating a new wall and closet and repainting the big boys' new bedroom. To top it off, we bought new carpet throughout the whole house! All this change has me purging and reorganizing everything. It also has me itching to update the decor in my living room. I'm ready for some fresh items that make this space feel a little more modern and like us. In the mean time, we all look a little like my youngest up there, star-fished out enjoying the soft clean new carpet!

Please continue through May's blog circle to check out what the talented Knoxville Family Photographer, Sarah Lewis, has to share!

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