The Smith Family: Southern Idaho Lifestyle Family Photographer

November 14, 2018

The Smith Family: Southern Idaho Lifestyle Family Photographer
A family with five kids, ages 8 down to a few months. This session could best be described as controlled chaos. But it is hands-down one of my absolute favorite sessions to date. This. All of it. These are the kind of images I strive to make for my clients.  Lots of joy and connection peppered with some humor and real life disarray.  It doesn't get any more authentic than this.

Bonus fact: This adorable mama and I played the violin in college together!  This is the first we've seen each other in over a decade.  It felt surreal to meet her sweet family and to see how truly blessed she is today.

ONE | November: Twin Falls Family Photographer

November 1, 2018

ONE | November: Twin Falls Family Photographer
October was a beautiful and busy month.  My only wish was that the warm sixty degree days coupled with the bright orange leaves falling like confetti everywhere would last twice as long!

This photo is a personal favorite from the last month.  We went for a walk before dinner one evening where my middle and youngest boys became enamored with the dirt along the little canal.  I watched quietly as they bonded over earth worms and a hole in the ground... as boys have undoubtedly been doing for centuries.  This boy mom gigue is the best!

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ONE is a blog circle that I have joined with several other very talented photographers. On the first of each month we will be sharing ONE image that spoke to our hearts from the four weeks before. It's bound to be a set of eye candy that you won't want to miss!

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