Best Face of 2013 {I Heart Faces Photo Challenge}

January 13, 2014

This photo of my second little boy stands out to me as the best face I captured all year.  I mean, look at all that personality bottled into that tiny frame!  Levi is my daily ray of sunshine.  He wears a perpetual grin on his face that I cannot seem to get enough of.  I love this crazy, energetic, sweet, little boy more than words can say.  He's showing me how to live with a zest for life.

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. That is a lot of personality for sure. What a sweetheart! Great image!

  2. that's such an awesome expression, the joy and excitement captured so wonderfully.

  3. What a moment you captured! His sheer joy...I can hear the chortles through the image. I have one that is almost always happy and it is the greatest, isn't it?!

  4. Oh this picture just plain makes me happy! Love it!!!


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